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    Our Scents

    Explore all of our inspired fragrances

    Bathe in Bourbon®: A fusion of bourbon with a shot of vanilla. A woodsy vanilla fragrance that appeals to all!

    Blue: A clean composite of musk, sandalwood and lemon. A favorite for men and women!

    Bluegrass: Hints of oak, vanilla and a whiff of grass make a unique scent for our home state.

    Honey Almond: Soothing honey, oatmeal and almond notes make one of our most popular fragrances.

    Kentucky Girl®: Southern magnolia and a blend of citrus unite for this refreshing favorite.

    Kentucky Lily®: Based on the Kentucky Oaks Lily® cocktail containing notes of cranberry, lemon, blackberry & orange.

    Lavender: Made with lavender essential oil. Very relaxing.

    Mint Julep: A Kentucky favorite! A fresh blend of spearmint and creamy vanilla.

    Old Fashioned: A muddling of bourbon & orange with a dash of cherry.

    Patchouli Mint: Patchouli essential oil fused with spearmint - perfect for every patchouli fan!

    Peppermint: Invigorating peppermint essential oil - Wonderful for achy or tired muscles.

    Southern Warmth®: A Southern blend of Honeysuckle with musk & fruity undertones.

    Sunshine: A sweet mixture of lemon, sugar and coconut.

    Sweet Dreams: A soft combination of vanilla and white tea.

    Meet the Artist - Hannah Pickerill

    Hannah is a visual artist who grew up in Seattle, WA. She has loved drawing and painting since she was a child, and has continued to follow this passion through school, university and beyond. She loves painting landscapes because it helps her connect more deeply with nature and the world. 

    Hannah found success recently on TikTok, and gained a following by sharing her art process and art tutorials. She really enjoys helping others unlock their creative potential and let go of the perfectionism that often keeps people from trying out painting. 

    You can find Hannah on TikTok and Instagram ( on both platforms). She also has an art store where you can purchase original paintings and prints of her work: 

    Etsy - HannahArtandPrints Instagram - TikTok -

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