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    Custom Creations

    These items are made-to-order in single-product batches and may take an extra 1-2 business days to ship

    Fragrance descriptions are listed down below

    Custom 6 oz Candle


    Custom 8 oz Candle


    Custom 8 oz Lotion


    Custom Bar Soap


    Custom Body Mist


    Custom Bubble Bath


    Custom Hand & Body Wash


    Custom Kentucky State Soap


    Custom Linen Spray / Room Freshener


    Custom Roll On Perfume


    Custom Salt Scrub


    Custom Satiny Soft Body Butter


    Custom Shave Puck


    Custom Shave Soap Jar


    Custom Spray Perfume/Cologne


    Custom Sugar Scrub


    Fragrance Guide

    ** Denotes our 14 core fragrances

    **Bathe in Bourbon® – A fusion of bourbon with a shot of vanilla. A woodsy vanilla fragrance that appeals to all

    **Blue – A clean composite of musk, sandalwood and lemon. A favorite for men and women

    **Bluegrass – Hints of oak, vanilla and a whiff of grass make a unique scent for our home state

    Citrus Bliss – Yummy tones of orange, lemon and grapefruit fragrances. Uplifting and energizing

    Edelweiss – A soft union of baby powder, jasmine, lily and musk with a touch of vanilla

    Faded Blue Jeans – A refreshing amalgam of sandalwood, jasmine and white lily

    Fresh Melon – Watermelon, honeydew, and cucumber come together with glazed pear for this fruity fragrance

    Hollyhock Signature Scent - A wonderful aroma of musk & sandalwood with a hint of mint

    **Honey Almond – Soothing honey, oatmeal and almond notes make one of our most popular fragrances

    Just Patchouli – Nothing but patchouli; made with pure essential oil

    **Kentucky Girl® – Southern magnolia and a blend of citrus unite for this refreshing favorite

    **Kentucky Lily® – Fresh notes of cranberry, lemon, blackberry & orange

    **Lavender – Made with lavender essential oil. Very relaxing

    **Mint Julep – A Kentucky favorite! A fresh blend of spearmint and creamy vanilla

    **Old Fashioned – A muddling of bourbon & orange with a dash of cherry

    **Patchouli Mint – Patchouli essential oil fused with spearmint - perfect for every patchouli fan

    **Peppermint – Invigorating peppermint essential oil - Wonderful for achy or tired muscles

    Sandalwood Vanilla – Together, these make a sweet and cozy fragrance

    **Southern Warmth® – A Southern blend of honeysuckle with musk & fruity undertones

    **Sunshine – A sweet mixture of lemon, sugar and coconut

    **Sweet Dreams – A soft combination of vanilla and white tea

    Tuberose – A synthesis of tuberose, musk, lily and rose. A gentle scent

    - Seasonal Scents -

    Rainbow Ice – A delicious scent containing raspberry, orange & lemon - reminiscent of a rainbow snow cone

    Pumpkin Spice - A delicious pumpkin, spice, apple and caramel blend

    Bourbon Cider – Warm delicious notes of apple, cinnamon and bourbon

    Peppermint Hot Cocoa - A delicious brew of peppermint, chocolate and marshmallow

    Winter Bliss – A festive combination of fir, pine, cranberry and orange

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