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    Should You Choose Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

    • person Theresa Amsler
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    Should You Choose Bar Soap or Liquid Soap?

    Soap is an essential cleaning agent responsible for cleansing our bodies and homes.

    Several customers ask whether they should buy a bar or liquid soap for their business.

    While both types of soap can be beneficial, we'll help you decide whether to buy a bar or liquid soap. 

    Public Opinion on Bar Soap

    Some customers think you'll get a higher value for money with bar soap because it lasts longer than body wash. However, some people may think bar soap can cause dry skin. A quality bar soap balances durability, lather quality, and moisturizing ability. 

    Bar Soap's Current Market

    People mostly use bar soap for cleaning, but the recent trend in meditation and mindfulness made these products more attractive for self-care and relaxation. While there's little evidence that soap can do more than clean the body, the current market is also interested in the bar soap's other benefits and potential.

    Bar Soap Sustainability

    Bar soaps don't have much waste because they don't require a lot of packaging. Some sellers use thin recyclable paper, cardboard, compostable packaging, and product labels.

    Unlike other products in a bottle, buyers can see how much product is left and use the bar soap until it's gone. Other packaging forms can be tricky to use every drop since you have to shake, squeeze, or pump out the remaining product.

    Public Opinion on Liquid Soap

    People usually see liquid soap as a cleaner alternative since the product isn't exposed to dirt and bacteria. However, it’s typically more expensive than bar alternatives.

    Liquid Soap's Current Market

    Like bar soap, liquid soap goes beyond its cleaning purposes. The industry currently boasts that liquid soap can cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate. You can also use body washes as a gel or cream.

    Liquid Soap's Sustainability

    Unlike bar soaps, sellers pack their body washes in plastic bottles. Consumers rarely use up all the products since the bottles are usually translucent. At some point, buyers will inevitably throw away the bottle with the remaining products inside. 

    Lathering a Clear Decision

    Soaps can cleanse your skin, remove bacteria, and are essentials for self-care.

    Moss Hill sells and ships custom bar soaps as well as hand and body wash in Louisville, Kentucky. We also have clients across the United States and Canada. Shop at our online store today!