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    Pride, Prejudice and Lavender

    • person Theresa Amsler
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    Pride, Prejudice and Lavender

    I LOVE Jane Austen books, my very favorite, like for so many, is Pride & Prejudice. This Jane Austen masterpiece was first published on January 28, 1813. Over 200 years ago – I find that amazing! Jane was only 20 years old when she wrote this beloved book, the same age as another favorite of mine - Elizabeth Bennett. I often think of lavender as the fragrance of that time. Maybe it’s because you see the young ladies with sprigs of it in the 2005 movie version. Maybe it’s because it’s mentioned in the number of adaptations I’ve read about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Either way, lavender is a timeless fragrance and whether you love the scent or not it has been found to be a therapeutic one by many.

    When I first came on board here at Moss Hill, I loved the idea of lavender, even if I wasn’t that fond of the smell of it! I didn’t believe all the touting I’d heard about it being calming and relaxing. Well, was I in for a learning opportunity! One afternoon I sat down to eat my lunch and for some reason I just could not hold my head up I was so stinkin’ sleepy!! Come to find out, Jeanine had been blending up some lavender buds in the back area and just the smell of those soothing buds was putting me to sleep! I instantly became a believer in the relaxing properties of the lavender fragrance!

    Several years later, with a bit of an anxious young daughter that had difficulty sleeping at night, I remembered my experience at work and discovered that our Relax Roll-On Massage Oil was just the thing. I would use the roller ball to massage the soothing scent into her neck and shoulders, off to sleep she would go!

    Whether you’re a fan of lavender or not – it is a timeless scent, a ‘historic’ scent as one of our customers described it to his daughter as he was surprised by her choice, and for some, a relaxing scent. So, in honor of Pride and Prejudice’s publication anniversary, maybe… “it is a truth universally acknowledged that” you should give lavender a try in one of our many products-candles, room sprays, lotions, massage/bath oils or soaps.