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    Moss Hill's Journey

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    Moss Hill's Journey

    As most stories go, there are beginnings, endings, flashbacks and curves in the road. Moss Hill’s local Louisville story is much the same and was born from Jeanine Moneypenny’s desire to create handmade gifts for family and friends. Flash back to 1976 when Jeanine was in middle school and met her new neighbor and friend, Teri Amsler. These friends were inseparable for much of middle and high school, except that they went to different schools. To keep in touch, they wrote letters to each other throughout the day then traded the letters at the bus stop at the end of the day. Just like their friendship, those letters are still around today!

    Flash forward to 2011, Moss Hill had been in existence for almost 10 years when Jeanine decided it would be a benefit to add a partner. She recalled that middle school friendship and reached out to Teri to meet for lunch at the local Chuy’s Mexican restaurant. Since partnership in business is much like a marriage, Jeanine popped the partnership question and Teri said ‘yes’. Now the Moss Hill journey would include two best friends and their families. St. James Art Fair became not only a fun event but a dual family gathering as the families helped with set-up, breakdown and the pizza celebration afterward. As time went on the company grew and other family members were brought on board to help make products and sell them at their retail store in the Butchertown Market and at shows.

    In May of 2021 Jeanine decided it was time to pursue new opportunities and stepped away from the company she started 20 years prior. While the road curves a little at this point in the journey with the Moss Hill family, we always remember where we came from - a place of friendship, fulfilling experiences and our desire to create affordable, luxurious, hand-crafted bath and body items. Everyone needs to bathe so you might as well make it enjoyable! The Moss Hill team is still a family affair, Teri continues on with her daughter Devon and daughter-in-law Lyn and the rest of our Moss Hill family team members. We look to the future with excitement and anticipation for where the adventure will take us! We hope you will join us!

    Our products bear the Kentucky Proud and Kentucky Crafted seals of approval, we currently sell them in a number of stores across the country.  

    Come on down to our shop in the Butchertown Market building, 1201 Story Avenue Louisville, KY 40206, we'd love to meet you!

    Your Moss Hill Family