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    Loving the skin you're in

    • person Theresa Amsler
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    Loving the skin you're in

    You’ve likely read that the skin is the largest organ in the body and the largest sense organ, much bigger than your eyes, ears or nose. It covers your entire body, and the nerve endings in your skin help you feel everything whether it be hot, cold, damp, rough, smooth, hard or soft. It protects you from germs and infection and can heal itself! It even replaces itself about every 27 days. I think our skin is something we can take for granted. We must realize just how amazing it is AND how important it is to take care of it. Isn’t it interesting that the simple things we do to care for our skin are quite as basic as cleaning it and moisturizing it? Why not give your skin a treat and wash it with Moss Hill soap, available in 14 different fragrances in a bar or liquid style soap? After it’s clean and smelling lovely, why not moisturize it with our Dry Skin Relief or Satiny Soft Body Butter? It is important to care for the skin that does so much for you! You and your skin deserve it!