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    Don't Bug Me!

    • person Theresa Amsler
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    Don't Bug Me!

    I have got to say that I LOVE summer! I love the warmth, the sunshine, flip flops, outside activities and water! In fact, Olaf from the movie Frozen is a guy after my own heart. He’s a cute snowman and yet he loves Summer! One thing I bet Olaf does not have to deal with in the summer is MOSQUITOES! I am one of those people that mosquitoes just love - can you relate?! If there is a mosquito within a 10 mile radius it will find me to bite! I’ve read that they are attracted to certain blood types, certain smells and even how much carbon dioxide a person emits. Interestingly, only female mosquitoes bite. While reading up on this subject it seems those female mosquitoes are not fond of lemon, eucalyptus or peppermint scents. SO, those are exactly the essential oils we use in our Don’t Bug Me bug spray. Patchouli is also a scent many bugs do not abide, if you are a patchouli fan.

    We make our bug spray with those three essential oils and a blend of distilled water and witch hazel. It cools, it deters those mean little biters and it soothes the itches you might already have. It’s easy for me to sing the praises of our bug spray but I am not the only one that has had success using it.

    Alyssa’s mom told us that they were riding around in a golf cart with friends one evening and having used Don’t Bug Me they did not get bitten while their friends in other carts did. She comes into the store regularly to restock on her mosquito-fighting Don’t Bug Me.

    Another customer of ours will not go to the lake without Don’t Bug Me. She says it is her go to bug spray for bite-protection!