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    Celebrating the 150th Derby

    • person Theresa Amsler
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    Celebrating the 150th Derby

    When I moved to Louisville, Kentucky many years ago as a middle school student, I had never heard of the Derby that many people would mention when I told them where we were going. Now, after living here in the city I have called home for many more years than I will admit Derby is as normal to me as any holiday or season. There is the opening celebration of Thunder over Louisville in April, weeks before the Derby. The three weeks prior to the first Saturday in May are filled with events that mark the eventual running of the Derby. Balloon races, bed races, foot races, steamboat races, races by servers with trays filled with full wine glasses, called the Run for the Rose, – many things other than horses are raced during this celebrated season. This year is the 150th Derby or Run for the Roses. For Moss Hill, Derby is sometimes busier than Valentine’s Day and thankfully Mother’s Day and Derby flow from one to the other. With our Louisville, Kentucky roots we have ALL kinds of Derby, Horse, Bourbon and Kentucky-themed gift items. Check out all that we have to offer for corporate gifts, souvenirs and Derby party favors.