Back in 1976, I (Teri) moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Kingsport, Tennessee. My new best friend Jeanine lived just up the street. We would have contests to see how many nights in a row we could spend with each other, write letters each day about our time in school and after exchanging those letters at the bus stop we would listen to albums by the Bee Gees, ELO, Kansas, KISS and The Steve Miller Band. Jeanine and I are still such good sister/friends! We each graduated from high school and went to different colleges. We would reconnect after having both married architects - too funny! Lose touch and reconnect again after having children. Our lives have been quite the roller-coaster course through marriage, children, commitments to other careers and now finally to our joint focus of Moss Hill Bath & Body Collection.


In 2001, I (Jeanine) started creating handmade candles and fizzers as gifts. As my friends and family enjoyed their gifts they encouraged me to take my hobby to the next level – A real life business!

In 2009, after much consideration and concern over taking such a big step, I moved Moss Hill out of my home and into a retail/manufacturing location at the Butchertown Market. My family that had so encouraged me to pursue the dream of business ownership also assisted me with the day to day tasks of running it. As the business grew I started to realize that Moss Hill might benefit from having an additional someone with a skills set that complemented my own. As I thought about who would be a good fit, I was looking for a person I could trust, someone loyal with similar values as my own and someone I could have fun working alongside.

So, in 2011 I invited Teri to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and much to her surprise, asked her to join me as a business partner.  As you’ve likely guessed, she said yes and our combined Moss Hill adventure began!



After Teri came on board we expanded our Moss Hill adventure to include two of the best production wranglers around – Lyn and Emily.

As a team we all work hard, we strive for quality, integrity and a positive experience for us and our customers. Life is about experiences – and we want our customers to experience joy in using our products, coming to our shops, and shopping on our website. Who wouldn’t enjoy getting to work with their best friend every day?!


Our products bear the Kentucky Proud and Kentucky Crafted seals of approval, we currently sell them in over 75 stores across the country.  

Come on down to our shop in the Butchertown Market building, 1201 Story Avenue Louisville, KY 40206, we'd love to meet you!

Your friends,

Jeanine & Teri

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