“Best shave soap I’ve ever used!” — Justin, from KY

“This stuff really works! While golfing, mosquitoes were swarming around the cart but none of them came inside. No bites!” — Cynthia, from KY

“My daughter purchased the Honey Almond lotion for me, and it quickly became my favorite and most effective lotion. Thank you for a very high quality product!” — Julia, from IA

“I love this lotion. It’s smooth and moisturizing. The fragrance is fantastic and seems to last quite a while. Thanks for a great product. :)” — Kristen, from IN

“A friend gave me a sample bottle a couple of weeks ago and i fell in love…Love the lotion - not greasy. Great product and I appreciate the fast shipping!” — Gina, from KY (edited for length)

“Love love love the Mint Julep” — Christy, from ME

“Oh my goodness, the best thing since sliced bread… We had just been talking about searching for a really good lip scrub… so I went and scooped up the last jar of Peppermint Lip Scrub. I am so happy I did as this product is wonderful and not overpowering. I am going to place an order for about a dozen or so in each of the fragrances for my team members at work.” — Maureen from NY (edited for length)

“I was shocked when I received the package you sent me containing your Tuberose candle. I’ve used it and think it truly burns longer than others I’ve purchased. It smells delicious, like heaven on earth. I don’t know what changes you’ve made but your product is wonderful and efficient. Your efforts and customer consideration are very much appreciated” — Peggie, from IN (this comment came after she contacted us about some issues with our candles, we evaluated and changed our process and sent her a replacement to try!)

“I purchased the Grapefruit hand soap for my bathroom and am loving it. I just want to wash my hands all the time! I also purchased the Citrus Bliss bath gel and bar soap. WOW. Makes taking a shower so refreshing…” — John, from KY

“I have bought their dry skin relief ever since being given one 7 years ago! They last a very long time and are great for your hands at night! Love all the scents!” — Michelle

“One of the best KY made products available. I love everything I have purchased. My favorite is the dry skin relief. This is a lifesaver product for me!” — Susan

 “The dry skin relief has been my savior!” — Kathy, from IL

“I saw a bottle of Kentucky Girl in the spa at my work, a beautiful and fragrant lotion. I’m in love! On my way to one of their stores for my own!” — Lisa

“I just purchased ‘Kentucky Girllotion, the fragrance is the best and goes on really good - not greasy!” — Tricia

“I LOVE the Kentucky Girl fragrance! I bought a small bottle of lotion at St. James Art Fair and like it so much I came to the Butchertown store to buy more for gifts!” — Conni

“I always smell the Patchouli Mint on a coworker. I finally stopped by and grabbed a mini lotion for myself - Addicted!” — Lauren

“I love Moss Hill products for myself or as gifts as compared to the retail shops you’ll find in the mall. Their fragrances are classic and a little goes a long way.” — L, from KY

“I absolutely LOVE this company! Their products are amazing & worth their weight in gold. I found them when living near Louisville & while I’m no longer in the Louisville area, I will continue my patronage! Just got my shipment from them today & could not be more excited!” — Kimberly

“The only thing better than their soaps or lotions — the people who work there!!” — Laura, from TN

“They’re beyond conscientious and care deeply about customer satisfaction.” — Leslie, from KY

“Love you guys and your products <3” — Jennifer, from IL