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Bringing nature inside

At the beginning of the summer I had a wonderful opportunity to take a long-overdue vacation out west with my husband and kids. I am so glad we waited until now, the kids are older; 14, 20 and 23 and I feel like everyone appreciated the wonder of this beautiful country we live in and just hanging out with the family. While traveling and seeing the beautiful scenery; waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, fields of flowers, geysers and yes even the smell of rotten eggs of the hot springs. It reminded me of how important a role our senses play in creating those special memories. Nature plays such an important part in our lives. Even at home, I try to bring nature into our house with plants, colors and textures. I guess that is why Moss Hill was so easy and such a natural fit for me when it was created in 2001. One of my favorite plants that seemed to cover all the gorgeous valleys and fields out west is the Blue Sage. Just rubbing the sprigs between your fingers releases this intoxicating scent of lemon and sage with a warm earthiness that just makes you want to keep smelling your fingers all day! Maybe next time you’re out roaming around in your yard or in a park, try to get to know a new fragrance. Like we say in Moss Hill ‘Take time to stop and smell the fragrances in life…”     



Meet the Family

One of the lovely things about working with friends is that coming to work, isn't REALLY like coming to work! We would like for you to get to know some of our 'work' family...

Kathy & Patty, like the most of us, wear a couple of hats and one of those is being the smiling face you see when you enter our little oasis in the heart of the Butchertown Market. Along with wrapping and packaging, they help us take care of the lovely people that visit our shop. 

Kathy and Patty.jpg

Lyn & Emily are a vital part of our Moss Hill family. Their hats include those of: production, customer care, packaging, social media and all around go-to-girls!

Emily and Lyn w names.png

Jeanine & Teri

You've likely read about us in 'Our Story' and even after 40 some odd years of being sister-friends we can't seem to break the habit of dressing alike! Quite by accident these days! Unlike, back in the day, when we would call each other to see what the other was wearing. You know you've done that!! But, here we are randomly appearing at work in similar attire....

Jeanine and Teri w names.jpg

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our Moss Hill family. Stop by and see us sometime, we'd love to welcome you to the family, too!

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Posted on June 12, 2018 .